Bofferbrauer2 said:

I don't hold my breath on that.

It's 4 times faster than the original SD Express, and about 6 times UHS-III, which is great. But look around at the SD cards you see in stores: Even just UHS-II is still relatively rare as they are much more expensive than normal UHS-I cards.

I just checked for 128GB (which is already above what most people buy except for the Switch) and UHS-1 prices went from 20-60€. UHS-II started at 140€, and I couldn't even find just one UHS-III, let alone a SD-express card. Of course with such a price difference only absolute enthusiasts or people who absolutely need the plus in speed will buy the faster ones

So no blast processing for Switch systems. What a shame.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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