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They started building their 1st party too late to have 1st party games ready for launch or even for the first year of the service. They've been relying on moneyhatted 3rd party exclusives like Gylt, Get Packed, and Orcs Must Die 3 to cover for their slow 1st party building and development. We will see some 1st party Stadia games eventually I'm sure, at least if Stadia survives long enough, they didn't put an industry veteran like Jade Raymond in charge of their 1st party for no reason I'm sure.

Google Stadia is on the list of exhibitors for IGN's "Summer of Gaming" and Gamespot's "Play For All" E3 replacement events in June, we may see some 1st party Stadia games at those. Or maybe Google is planning their own digital Stadia conference for this summer where they will finally announce some 1st party games. I guess we'll have to wait and see. So far their promises for 2020 have fallen quite short. In January they claimed that 120+ games would release on Stadia in 2020, including 10 timed Stadia exclusives in January-June, we so far haven't see anywhere close to the amount of new games that would be needed to reach either of those goal; it's mid May and so far only 20 out of 120 games have released on Stadia this year, and I think only 1 out of 10 timed exclusives they said would come before June, even with coronavirus complications that is pretty sad. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 17 May 2020