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Vodacixi said:

If framerate is constantly going up and down, it doesn't matter if its above 30fps. It's inconsistent, noticeable and for many people, annoying. And that is not good in any scenario. Especially when we are talking about a "remastered" product. It should be better, not worse. And if the machine is several times more powerful, it should be a flawless experience. You not caring is a non factor. 

Even if they did the Kickstarter as a preorder campaign, it's still shameful that with the amount of money they made they were not up to the ask of making this game at least run better than Wii U on Switch and flawlessly on PS4/PC. The fact is they have done a bad port of a Wii U game and they lied to people calling it something that it's not.

When someone tries to sell a bad product, I especially when they go out there crying because the game deserves a second chance, yes, I hope it performs bad. It's not being a snob, it's being a consumer who wants a decent product that corresponds whith what is called. This is not a remaster, yet it's falsely called "remastered"

The game runs in higher resolution and only on Switch it trades a few frames for that; the other two versions are without a question superior to the Wii U version. Nothing wrong will calling it a remaster when the definition for remaster is so loose in the video games medium. It remasters were about flawless experiences, then lots of games were falsely called remasters in the last ten years.

The term 'Definitive Edition' leaves a lot less room for interpretation than 'Remastered', but even so, something like Dragon Quest XI S didn't cause an uproar.

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