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GoOnKid said:
COKTOE said:

The fact that the PS2 one was directed by David Lynch is pretty neat. I'm not even a fan really, but it's kinda cool that a big time, we'll respected director did something like this.

It's called The Third Space, but that stupid duck says: "Welcome to the third place."

Sure that's cool but I'm sure 99% of the watchers don't know that and are just left with some artsy fartsy images that just feel uncomfortable. What is the third space even meant to be? What are the first two? Who are the animals on the couch? Is this a drug advertisment, perhaps? This spot only raises questions and leaves people confused and disturbed.

The first place is home. The second place is the workplace. The third place is separate from the first two social environments, so the point of the ad was that the PS2 is that kind of place.

So the duck was correct, because it's not called the third space.

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