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Not bad, not bad at all. The 2 weakest studios in XGS definitely are Compulsion and Undead Labs. Really hoping that with the staffing up MS is doing with them, and assistance from other 1st party studios, MS will be able to get the meta for Compulsion's next project and State of Decay 3 up quite alot, high 70's at least. As for the rest, I can see likely meta increases in the future.

343- They have been making all the right choice with Halo Infinite; new lead writer who previously did the Batman Arkham games since people didn't like the story in 5, new Slipstream engine since people didn't like the graphics in 5, removal of lootboxes since people hated them in 5, return to the classic Halo artystyle under new art director Sparth, return to a Halo ring setting for nostalgia purposes, 5 years of development compared to 4 years for Halo 4 and 3 years for Halo 5.

The Coalition- After the somewhat muted reception for Gears 5, and the studio head leaving, I am fully expecting a shift in direction for the series under the new studio head, and a longer development cycle for Gears 6.

Rare- People already seem quite hyped for Everwild, and it has already been in development for quite awhile, I will be surprised if it metas below 80.

Obsidian- These guys are fantastic, but they have always struggled due to being a AAA indie studio. They never got the budgets they needed to work with, they often had to deal with crappy engines and code from partner studios like Bethesda during development, with often rushed release cycles, just to try and make enough money fast enough to keep the lights on. With MS budget and Unreal 4/5 assistance from Unreal masters at Coalition and Ninja Theory, I am expecting great things from Obsidian in the future.

inXile- Similar story to Obsidian above. These guys have great potential, with MS budget and engine assistance for their upcoming AAA RPG I have high hopes.

Double Fine- I have high hopes here as well. Tim Schafer has said at multiple points the last several years that he wants to do Brutal Legend 2, but needed the budget to pull it off, since it was the most expensive game they ever made. With MS funding I have high hopes that we will get Brutal Legend 2 in the future.

Ninja Theory- Hellblade was excellent for a game made by 20 people in 3 years. For Hellblade 2, the team size is doubling to 40 devs, and it seems like it will get more than 3 years of development. I think they will learn from the criticisms of the first game (namely puzzles, combat, and short length), and utilize the larger dev team size and extra development time to give us a larger and better Hellblade 2. They also have a series of psychological horror games coming, starting with Project Mara, those have big potential as well.

Playground Racing and Turn 10- For many, many years Forza was seeing yearly releases, but then in 2019, there was no Forza. This should mean that Forza Motorsport 8 and Forza Horizon 5 will both get at least an extra year of development compared to earlier Forza games. Rumor is Turn 10 is basically rebooting Forza Motorsport, starting over from scratch with a new build of the ForzaTech engine and car and track assets made specifically for next-gen, with rumors that they are adding off-roading events and a more detailed story mode to Motorsport 8 as well. If all this is true, I expect meta to be up on both Motorsport 8 and Horizon 5.

And of course we can't forget the 2 brand new studios, The Initiative and Playground RPG studio. These 2 are being built slowly, from the ground up, with top tier AAA talent who previously worked at studios like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sony Santa Monica, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, Bioware, DICE, Kojima Productions, and more. Both of these studios are getting long development cycles as well, and the Initiative is reportedly receiving assistance from The Coalition on a multiplayer mode for their game, as well as Unreal Engine assistance from them.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 15 May 2020