EricHiggin said:
twintail said:

SSD load wouldn't stop skippabble (or worse, unskippable) intros though.

I hope for their games they just do the white logo for like a sec or 2 (nothing is better of course)

It would totally go against what we've heard about the SSD and fast loading times. If they are there, fine, but as long as you can choose to skip them all, one after another instantly, then that's fine. 

Even better, have a second button option to one hit skip right to the menu/title screen.

There's nothing stopping a publisher from wanting you to see their logo etc. but yes just booting to the menu screen (or at least having a skip button) would be better.

sales2099 said:
twintail said:

MS just straight up copied Marvel so it's not like they bothered to create much of an identity either.

Besides, Sony used this style like 5 years ago, so MS were even late to the party. Go figure.

MS copied Marvel. Now Sony copied MS copying Marvel and their 1st party label. The side by side video tells all. Just acknowledge it. 

well you acknowledged MS just copied Sony which is all I was trying to say.