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That's a premature and perplexing prediction. There are still key pieces of information missing for both the PS5 and XSX, but one major change we already know about is that Microsoft is not self-destructing this time around; this lack of self-destruction also comes with the benefit of being set to have the more powerful console. The most important thing in the competition between Sony and Microsoft is who is becoming the console of choice for multiplats, because those games are the biggest sales drivers for both companies.

When Microsoft can keep it reasonably close in the USA despite their massive blunders (the PS4 sold only ~5m more than the XB1 through six years), then it should be clear that the US market is going to choose XSX over PS5 if both consoles are about equal. If the XSX costs the same as the PS5 while being more powerful, you can expect an even bigger shift. Let's go with that and assume that Microsoft takes 10m of Sony's sales in the USA. The final ratio between the PS4 and XB1 will be roughly 2.5:1 in favor of the PS4 (~125m vs. ~50m). If next gen sees 115m PS5s and 60m Xboxes sold, then that's a ratio of under 2:1 in favor of Sony. That's a signficant change in ratio despite only a small change in console sales, so this thread is silly at best.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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