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Leynos said:
I hate rumble. I have turned off whenever possible for the past 2 decades. That is what some might call a gimmick. You know what? I'm fine with it being there. Want to know why? because other people enjoy it and once again nothing wrong with options. Motion controls at least have some use where rumble doesn't but hey gaming is about fun so why would I argue about denying others how they want to enjoy a game? The options are great! Once again!

Because it means you pay more for something you don't want?

Adding extra things to a controller increases the cost. Companies are going to pass that increased cost on to the consumer, so you're paying more for it. Paying more for something you don't want is a bad thing. If you cared about options then you'd want it as an alternate controller so those that want it can have it, but those that don't want to waste money on things they don't like aren't forced to pay for it.