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S.Peelman said:
Marth said:

Yeah people have a weird perception of it and should realize BotW is the outlier of the franchise and not the basis.

The Links Awakening Remake is already in the top 10 Zelda titles sales-wise.

+60k and it beats Wind Waker
+240k and it beats AlttP
+390k and it beats Phantom Hourglass

So top 6 is pretty much guaranteed for Links Awakening

The next big challenge is the OoT Remake which is currently 1.64M ahead.

xMetroid said:

I think it could surpass Oot remake in the long run with a sale or something.

Link’s Awakening only sold 0.19M last quarter though if I’m not mistaken. It has come to a halt after a very good, probably even record breaking, for the franchise, opening. It’ll beat the three Marth mentioned, but OoT3D, which did exceptionally well for a remake I might add, is much too far away I think.

OoT 3D got added to the Nintendo Selects eventually.

Link's Awakening is a remake of a Game Boy game, so what has led to the 0.19m shipment is likely just that it has exhausted the pool of people who are willing to pay $60 for it. The game is going to be old enough to be a regular in future digital discounts for Nintendo software (typically 33% off), so it should be able to get within striking distance of OoT 3D eventually.

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