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UnderwaterFunktown said:

Since Nintendo reveals quarterly shipment numbers and first party Switch games generally all have simultaneous wordwide releases, Switch is pretty much the perfect system to make a launch aligned games chart for. I more or less had it done already and was waiting for this quarterly report to get it fully up to date. I've split it into two tiers of titles, to avoid having too many lines in one chart:

The X-axis is shipments in millions, the Y-axis is months since launch. The dots are quarterly reports.

I've used a very rough estimate of launch week shipments as the starting point on the chart to avoid every game starting at 0, which would be messy with so many lines and give an unrealistic sales trajectory for the first quarter. For this reason I've also aligned games that launched right at the end of a month to the next month (SMO, LM3, SMM2 and MK8).

I plan to keep updating this for future quarters, but ofc since Nintendo only gives numbers for games that have sold over a million in the current fiscal year, we will probably only get numbers for some of these in some quarters.

Really like the graphs

But you left out Links Awakening in the Middleweights.

It sits already at 4.38M