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COKTOE said:

The C64 was released before the ColecoVision. I had them both. Got the ColecoVision first, then the C64. I love me so ColecoVision, but the C64 just blew it out of the water.

Are we counting it as gen 3 based on tech? Anyhoo, counting just the listed systems, and going by how the C64 is grouped here:

Gen 1 - Coleco Telstar

Gen 2 - ColecoVision

First two picks are from the Connecticut Leather Company. Strange days.

Gen 3 - Tie Nes and C64. I got a LOT more time out of the C64, but NES was better for the shorter time I did use it as my main.

Gen 4 - SNES

Gen 5 - Tie PS1 and N64

Gen 6 - Xbox

Gen 7 - PS3

Gen 8 - PS4

And yeah, I played all that old stuff, and more that wasn't listed here. Owned most every major system and handheld in every gen up until Gen 8 which was just PS4 and Vita.

Notable exceptions are Master System, Game Boy, Saturn, Wii, PSP, Wii-U, XBO, and Switch.

I used Wikipedia to figure out what consoles were in the first three generations. My parents had an Atari 2600, but my first generation was really gen 4 with the Genesis. 

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