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Bandorr said:
Not really sure what you're talking about.
Like I do - but not really with a time frame.

How many of them got DX versions? And what got improved with said DX version?
If persona is your example - then I'm not in your boat. Waiting 4 years for a better version is just insane to me.

That said Atelier Ryza was my first Atelier game. It was amazing. 10/10 for everything. Character, story, combat, how easy it was to use the alchemy, collectables etc.

Maybe 9/10 for some things. It wasn't really clear where to get what element. I need X to make my boots or my compass where do I get it? What do I use etc. I had to use a guide at the end for stuff like that. Don't get me started on 9999ing stuff etc.

I live in no fear of a game I'm playing getting "better". I am not patient. FF7r make absolutely insane on PC - I'm not waiting.

Did they really increase the quality cap of items to 9,999 in Ryza? I didn't like the recent cap of 999 because it just means doing additional syntheses loops which is more tiresome than fun. Eh, I guess you just typed one 9 too many.

I have yet to buy Ryza because of the DLC nonsense. I opted for the DX versions of the Dusk trilogy that released only two months later, because they are complete editions and cost a lot less per game.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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