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shikamaru317 said:
trunkswd said:

I believed the hype of SEGA's marketing. SEGA does what Nintendon't. Talk about a console war. Sadly, my Genesis died years. But I still have it with the 32x and SEGA CD add-ons. IMO both were a waste of money as there were very few games released for them. 

I got alot more value out of my Sega CD than my 32X, but I got a decent amount of value out of both. Sega CD wise, Sonic CD ended up being one of my favorite Sonic games, and I had Ecco: The Tides of Time, Jurassic Park, Willy Beamish, Sewer Shark, and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, which were all pretty good as well. 32X wise I only had a few games for it because games for it were so rare to find in stores, ended up with Knuckles Chaotix, Star Wars Arcade, Star Trek Academy Bridge Simulator, and BC Racers. Out of those, I got alot of playtime out of the first 3, BC Racers was kind of ass though, I remember the framerate being terrible. 

For the SEGA CD I remember having 2 games for it. Ecco and Sonic CD, and for the 32X I had Knuckles Chaotix and one Star Wars Game. I forget which one. 

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