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People who love ff7 should watch the spoiler discussion with the easy allies and MaximillianDood, There great stuff in There , some i already knew after playing, some new stuff hard to pick If you do not pay attention, some mindblowing shit that you need to play all ff7 compilation games to understand and watch the movie advent children and some fun talk about What square could possible do in the Next parts.
Then theres people who is doing gods work translating the ultimania book.
Its two and half hours but its worth it.

Final fantasy remake is not a perfect game but What the games does some things that are perfect or even better than i ever imagined they could possible do.
It has the best music ever in a game.

I think this ending is the best ending , most fun ending i ever seen in a game, its Smart as fuck and makes you excited , If you are a new player and never experienced ff7 must BE confusing as fuck but ONLY Here i can excyse the people saying this is some Kingdom hearths shit.

This game was gold for a ff7 fan like.