S.Peelman said:

Comparing epidemics to wars or natural disasters is a bit crooked. These are all different things, with different circumstances. Above there was the comparison with the 2004 Tsunami, where apparently the death toll of this epidemic has now surpassed that of the tsunami. However the death toll of the tsunami happened from one moment to the next in one area of the world instead of spread out over months and all over the world. They're not comparable. I'd rather live now with this epidemic than experience the tsunami or war, even if this virus claims a million more lives.

The comparisons aren't meant to be 1:1 direct but merely a measure against a known historical event. Same with wars.  Indirect comparisons are a common way to show contrast for historical moments.

Trumpstyle said:
Barozi said:
UK finally catching up to other countries in amount of tests conducted on a daily basis.

Testing is not so important, same with confirmed cases, if you do more tests you get more confirmed cases.

Look at Japan they have done great job of holding the virus back without doing many tests at all.

That's the most Trumpian thing you've ever posted.

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