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Hiku said:
Captain_Yuri said:
I do think that sooner or later, we should have a spoiler thread. I think there are people who read the spoilers and watched the videos and they want to express their opinion on it and it's better for them to do it in a spoiler thread than anywhere else on the site. If Sony had it's release date of May 29th, then I'd say no spoilers till then but the way these leaks have been spreading and TLOU2 potentially being delayed until the ps5. It's gonna be hard to keep it under wraps.

I understand, but there are some problems with spoiler discussions, even in separate threads and even under spoiler tags, that can reach the eyes of unwilling participants.

For example, if you go through another members posts in their profile, you will see things said under spoiler tags, as if there were no spoiler tags used.
People do that from time to time, and moderators often have to read through people's posting history.

So I'll discuss it with the team and see what works best.

For what it's worth - Ryuu did bring it to my attention about spoilers appearing in the Profile pages, and I'm working on changing that now. As I understand it, the there are four places I'm currently addressing:

1 - the main Profile Home page (which gives a summary of everything a user does, including recent posts).

2 - Also in the Profile pages, under the Posts tab

   2a. Recent Replies listing
   2b. My Posts listing. 
   2c. My Threads listing.

If you're aware of any other places where this needs to be addressed, feel to let me know (either here, or preferably in the Website Forum or with a private message) - I will make it a priority to ensure Spoilers are kept hidden...