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dx11332sega said:
trunkswd said:

When it comes to losing weight it isn't a race, but a marathon. Every small step adds up overtime. 

Well, I'm hoping to aim 128lbs I actually changed my eating habits entirely . I eat salads now I replaced the everything with 2 salads there so yummy . my taste buds prefer salads over junk food or fast food , If you keep eating salads like me your taste buds might change ? I now have more energy than before it feels great . The salads I buy are from walmart there $2.98 no tax

I'm 5'4 and at my heaviest was over 160lbs and after a year of work got down to 125lbs. I got a bit lazy and my weight climbed back up to 145lbs. I'm now down to 138lbs. I am fairly muscular for someone my height with all the hiking I do. 

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