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Nautilus said:
SpokenTruth said:

Revised them 3 times after the fact or during the course of on-going sales of the year?

You do recognize the difference, don't you?

Superdata claims that Nintendo sold 2.4 million units in the first month Switch launched.

Nintendo official sales puts that number at 2.74 million.

That's just one example.And yeah, the example above was after march was done.Pretty sure after I dig up more examples, there will be plenty of them


Dont get me wrong, AC digital sales will be bonkers, but SuperData will never be accurate, and will always miss their number, either be lowballing it or overestimating it.

2.4 million vs 2.74 million.  Seriously?  That's the gulf you're griping about?  That's just 12% short.  That's the equivalent of them saying AC:NH sold 5 million digitally when the real figure is 5.6 million. 

But go ahead and gripe about a free service that was 12% short. And please do tell us about a better free services so we can stop giving SuperData unnecessary attention and focus on your suggestion instead.

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