Trump ordered the US mulitary to destroy any Iranian gunboats that start that close manoeuvring BS again, this should put a cap on their actions for a while and make them think twice. It's bette than the alternative of having some unskilled fuck attack a US ship by accident or a civilian ship. This might desculate things for a while on that front but he needs to rally the EU states, every day that passes China are gifting more and more EU countries with aid while the US was until not long ago draining EU countries of supplies. He needs to start fighting them socially to keep the order of things and STFU about dismantling unionships and organizations or he'll loose western allies and weaken the US even further. Gather your country together yeah but please, for the love of fuck hold up international relations and keep quiet on pulling out of China until you can actually sustainably manage to do so. China is out here winning a war of support and strengthening themselves further with other governemnts without barely making a sound to the worlds people.

That said, I've seen a lot of people above give Trump final agency on this, he has about as much agency in this as a cat being chased by a pack of German Shepards. He is only is a position to react militarily and he knows it but what he still can do is retain order, sadly he has shown himself to be a fucking terrible leader in this regard and he looks visably rattled by current events. Ya'll need to impeach this weak mother fucker and get Pence in office for the sake of Western alliances yet that will not happen now cause you empowered him with false allegations for three years, he's been made politically bulletproof even when he fucks up.
And if you thinknyou're safe that european people will stick to western ideals, think again, you lost many of us when you painted Trump as some kind of new age Hitler and thr youth have eaten it up. They'd fight for Eastern alliance values out of ignorance too as we are so damn socialised it could go wither way on the side of the union, maybe a little more difficult to predict on a nation level should the union fall apart.


China Numba wan!!