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curl-6 said:

10% ain't gonna be enough to meet demand, but if they can actually pull off a 10% increase in shipments in the middle of a category 5 pandemic that would be an impressive feat in itself.
My guess is they probably won't be able to hit 10% due to ongoing quarantines and manufacturing disruptions.

I don't see how a 10% increase would be a problem. Corona isn't going to dominate the news cycle for this entire year and countries will take the necessary measures to make their economies work, so goods will be produced in the required numbers after the interruption during the early months of this year.

This is comparable to the 2017 shortages when the news made the rounds that certain parts are in short supply and Nintendo has to compete with the likes of Apple to get to them. At that time we had people worried if Nintendo could even reach their projected 10m figure for the fiscal year, but in the end Nintendo managed to ship 15m.

Also, your views change pretty fast. A few weeks ago you couldn't believe that Switch was going to sell more in 2020 than in 2019 due to lack of demand, now you are thinking that a 10% increase in production over last year won't be enough to meet this year's demand. I suppose that's just your perpetual Nintendo pessimism.

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