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Ka-pi96 said:
padib said:

@Ka-pi96, it should be patently obvious that I'm talking about business ethics, not popularity or marketshare.

Even in business ethics it wasn't a mistake. There's nothing ethically questionable about choosing not to do business anymore with a company that insists on dictating their own terms and instead doing business with a company that gives you more respect/freedom. There was no "betrayal", they didn't "owe" Nintendo anything.

If you ignore the history, that was posted many times, and if you ignore the concept of agreements and symbiotic relationship building between two companies, then you would be right.

But you're obviously not right because your opinion ignores what happened. I wrote ample amount of information to show that Square was essentially a second party to Nintendo in all but a paper document (and even then we don't know), yet you will insist that your opinion is the stronger one because, hey you're Ka-pi96!

I'm used to it now, but to be honest I'd prefer if you didn't quote me directly if you're to do that. I don't like it when my opinion, which I formed over a lot of reflection, is just bashed so easily by a user who doesn't put in the effort to be perfectly honest. I don't even reply to Don anymore, I'd prefer if that didn't happen with you.

If you quote me, at least make an effort to support your opinion properly, given all the fact we know, and especially, I have already laid out ITT.

Thank you ka-pi