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JRPGfan said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Oh, I've never thought about that

I doubt the controller complexity adds more than 15$.
And the SSD part is smaller, so abit is saved there too (probably a near wash).

The size differnce between the APU chips (36 CU vs 52 CUs), is alone enough to warrent a ~50$ differnce imo.
Then the 10GB ram of the series X, are rated at much faster speeds = higher price.

Xbox series X will without a doubt be more expensive in terms of BoM, unless sony massively fail in the design department with their console.

I would guess that the PS5 controller is at least $20 more expensive to produce than the XSX controller personally. Internal battery (which is likely larger than the one in the DualShock 4) which XSX doesn't have. Voice coil actuators for the adaptive triggers. Haptic feedback grips. Integrated omni-directional noise cancelling microphone that is able to isolate the users voice only according to a patent. Stereo speaker. Touchpad. These are all things that the PS5 controller has that the XSX controller doesn't have. 

I doubt that the PS5 SSD being 175 GB smaller (17.5% smaller) than the XSX SSD is enough to offset the price difference from the PS5 SSD being twice as fast. PS5 is using a custom SSD that is faster than most currently released m.2 PC SSD's, that has to be expensive. 

You have to remember that while XSX does have 10 GB of faster RAM than PS5, it also has 6 GB of slower RAM than PS5, which will help to offset the price difference there.

All in all I personally think that the more expensive SSD and controller on PS5 could offset much of the price difference from the larger XSX chipset. I doubt that PS5 will cost more to produce than the XSX, but I think that the XSX won't cost more than $20 more to produce than the PS5, and with a difference that small, MS would definitely be smart to aim for price parity imo. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 11 April 2020