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This is all kinds of complicated. Lots of complications making me think not many will pick this up.

"After 18 months with either of these two plans, you will be able to upgrade to Project Scarlett." So sounds like you have to invest in the previous plan to get a new plan?
At which point you'll be paying off the last 6 months, and then another 24 months.

Also 18 months from November 18th 2019. So May of 2021?

"Additionally, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition subscribers will have to pay a $20 upgrade fee to offset the difference in cost between the two consoles." and
"In the fine print, Microsoft states that "new contract, terms, and pricing apply" for upgrades. "
So the same may carry over and another cost will be required to get the plan?

And would mean you'd be missing out on any discounts of the console or the Xbox game plan for 24 months.

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