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Welcome to the new COMG! thread on VGChartz, where we discuss store closures, whether it is the weekend or not,
and games. In that order.

COMG [koɲg] (stylized as COMG!) is a chain of 14 video-game stores located in Niigata prefecture in Japan.

They have a website that they update every day with the latest preorder numbers. One point on the preorder chart
represents one preordered game at a COMG store. When you see a game gain 3 points, it means three people preordered
this game the day before.

Since COMG has been publishing their preorder charts for many years we can theoretically go back and pick any game to
compare a newer game to. But be warned, certain consoles and genres are over or underrepresented at COMG and the ratio
of points to actual sales is ever changing. It makes the most sense to compare games from the same series or genre on
the same console.
If this sounds confusing, don't worry. Just think of a COMG preorder as being 1,000 preordered games across all of Japan
and go from there.

Why a new thread?
The excessive length of the old thread and Boutros continued absence convinced me to create a new thread.

Who will post numbers?
The idea right now is for me to post numbers whenever I can. SpokenTruth has also volunteered and will provide updates
when I'm absent. If you want to help out, message me when that time comes.

You're not Boutros.
That's not a question. But yeah, I wish…. - A site I made recently to archive the daily COMG charts I post in this thread. It also has
pages for all the games. If this site appears to be down, try again later. It's slow and likes to time out. - Japanese blog that has weekly COMG charts since 2006.

Thread 1: COMG! Japan PRE-ORDER Chartz Thread - Will Be Updated
Thread 2: COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

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