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Technically it's Xbox Game Studios now.

Also you're missing their new RTS studio called "World's Edge"

My Ranking

  1. Obsidian Entertainment - Amazing RPG developer that has had a rough ride, often screwed by time constraints or budget so I'm excited to see what they can do with a bigger budget and more time, current rumours are that they're planning an Elder Scrolls/Pillars of Eternity-like game. 
  2. Playground Games - Amazing studio, Forza Horizon is one of the best racing IPs out there and I can't wait to see what they do with the rumoured Fable project, I expect great things from them.
  3. The Initiative - Mostly an unknown but the staff they've been hiring is top quality, also speculation that their title is Perfect Dark which I'd be happy with.
  4. InXile Entertainment - These are a wildcard, I think they'll surprise a lot of people and recently they've been hiring for an AAA RPG and making some nice hires, Brian Fargo is a huge name in the RPG industry.
  5. Rare - I'm excited to see what they do next gen, they had a rough start to this generation but they're finally back on track and I'm eager to see what other new IPs they come up with.
  6. 343 Industries - Would have probably been lower but I'm a fanboy of Halo, they have a lot to prove with Infinite though.
  7. Ninja Theory - Interesting studio to watch, they tend to experiment with new IPs and Hellblade II looks great, also I hope one day they go back to Kung Fu Chaos
  8. The Coalition - I've been happy with their output this generation but I kinda wish they would make a new IP, even though I thought Gears 5 was great.
  9. Undead Labs - 50/50 for me, I've never played a State of Decay but I hope to see a fully AAA State of Decay 3 from them, fix their technical issues and I might be interested.
  10. Double Fine - Never played a game from them, Psychonauts 2 looks good though, I'd love to see them do Conker but I doubt they will.
  11. Compulsion Games - Doesn't really interest me but I think they could be a wildcard.
  12. Mojang - They'll stay on Minecraft, not really that exciting but at least Dungeons looks fun so hopefully future spin-offs will be the same.
  13. Turn 10 - Not a fan of Motorsport anymore so I'm not really interested in T10.
  14. World's Edge - Not really a fan of RTS, I've only ever played Halo Wars in terms of RTS.
Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 05 April 2020