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I didn't mean it as an all or nothing in terms of trade. Globalization has made countries reliant on each other and during this time of crisis where countries are locking themselves down and are consequently on their own for the most part, it begins to show that said reliance was maybe not such a good idea as it seemed. Producing meds and other things in China etc. may be cheaper, but it also makes the supply chains much more vulnerable.

Finding a happy medium between globalization and local production would not only provide more stability during times of extraordinary circumstances, but also create more jobs on a permanent basis. The corona crisis is something that gets more people to think about if the cheapest option is always the best, so the governing political parties are actually granted an opportunity to make changes without having to fear to lose votes in the next election.

Here's some irony.  I think you just expressed the closest thing Donald Trump has to a consistent political and economic philosophy.

I suppose you consider it irony because you assume that I have to be 100% against everything Donald Trump does.

The idea to keep money circulating in the country that it's spent in is good, but there are different ways to go about it. Trump engaging in trade wars with multiple trading blocks at once was definitely not the right path because it sent down the stock market and created a lot of uncertainty. A continuous strategy of raising tariffs by a small percentage every year over the course of a decade to allow companies to prepare for a changing marketplace would be a lot more sensible than dropping the hammer of an immediate 25% raise to show off without having a real long term strategy.

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