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From what I've read it sounds like Capcom made a bad choice contracting it out to 3rd party developers instead of waiting until RE2 Remake was released and letting the RE2 Remake team remake it. I've heard alot of bad things about RE3 Remake:

-Nemesis was made scripted and is no longer randomized like in the original RE3, which takes away alot of the horror from his unexpected appearances
-The game is quite linear
-Content has been cut from the original RE3, making RE3 Remake a shorter experience. I heard it is only 6 hours if you're taking your time, that is like half the length of RE2 Remake
-Carlos has been recharacterized and it's not an improvement from what I hear

But, the good news for me at least, is that because they licensed out RE3 Remake instead of having the RE2 Remake team do it, it may mean that the RE2 Remake team has been remaking Code Veronica since last year. *fingers crossed*

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 02 April 2020