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Nobody will beat COVID-19 this year, that has been said often enough. The virus is expected to be around for a few years at least. Regardless, life has to return to normal because otherwise the economical damage will do more harm to the peoples of the world than the virus itself. Hence why China is doing what it's doing because the economical threat is bigger than the still present virus.

China has managed to largely contain the outbreak through extreme measures; it really remains to be seen if the West can do the same, and if they can't, lifting the restrictions put in place to slow the virus will be sending millions to their death.

The UK is reporting that the restrictions have led to an increase in overall video game sales lately. I think that's what this discussion was initially about, your fear that the restrictions will lead to a decrease in video game purchases.

The only thing that you actually have to worry about in regards to Switch sales is that Nintendo's supply chain can deal with the increased demand. The UK is also reporting that Switch consoles have been getting scarce.

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