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Quite a few updates to the site lately, thanks primarily to @TalonMan , with @TruckOSaurus  also lending a hand when able to. Thought it was about time I pulled all the changes together and formally announced them.

Why v4.5.1? We're on what's generally considered to be the 4th major version of the site (1.0 - original bare design, 1.5 - blue design, 2.0 - black design, 3.0 - site split; grey & orange design, 4.0 - reunification; black & grey design, 4.5 - 2019 visual update, different 'skins' to select from).

4.5.1 Patch Notes:

  • Added a Series option to the Sales and GameDB. Notice any missing series that have official sales figures announced? Let @Marth  or myself know and we'll add it. 
  • Added PS5 and XSX platforms to the GameDB. Also uploaded image tags for them and the Series option, getting rid of those ugly broken images (thanks @Ryuu96 for this).
  • Site switched to https - all hail the mini padlock, gatekeeper of secure sites!
  • Fixed a number of bugs that the https switch caused, including to the front page poll, site sales tools, some parts of the GameDB, and the inability to upload weekly hardware (pretty sure @trunkswd freaked out when he first noticed this).
  • Updated the site's Meta description, cleaned up a bunch of the site's code, and done other pieces of SEO work.
  • Sped up thread loading for forum threads, especially large threads.
  • Massively reduced the front page load times and load times for the site in general.
  • Most of the root pages have been updated, in particular the Methodology one, and all have been moved to a responsive format.
  • Adjusted the legend in the site sales tools, so you can now turn on/off the various platforms.

Lots more in the works too!

Last edited by Machina - on 29 March 2020