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Cerebralbore101 said:
They really need to drop the "Influencers" focus that they planned for 2020. I think that is the main reason Sony just flat out stopped caring about E3. Putting a bunch of people who are internet-famous for playing games, on the same level as people who make games is just a joke. At other conventions celebrities are the focus, because those are the people driving that industry. Star Trek, Football, Comics, etc., all have celebrities at conventions because those are the people who make the entertainment.

E3 should focus on game series, and their creators. Every year 5-10 game series should be picked to be a focus of the show. That way we get all those awesome E3 previews, but also a focus on the past, and who really works in the industry.

Also, the industry really needs to unionize. People getting paid $40,000 a year to work 12 hours a day six days a week, on a contractual basis, when video games turn around and make millions is BS. Especially when there's MTX involved. Yes, there's an endless line of young college grads waiting to replace most industry employees. But businesses need to see the value in keeping people around long term, and not burning them out. If 70% of your staff has five years under their belt, they are going to be able to make their games much faster than a studio that has 70% of employees as new hires.

I agree wholeheartedly with those points. Influencers have become an annoying presence at E3, even if they are ones I like like Arin Hanson or Andre Meadows.

For those who insistently say let it die, what do you think could replace E3?