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Trunkin said:
CGI-Quality said:

They aren't the equivalent of very high-end (basically enthusiast) PCs, though. Sure, the SSDs are top of the line, but the neither CPU (speed nor core count) nor GPU (cores/speed) are top of those classes and that can't be left out. What they are is efficiently built starter high-end machines, but the parts are custom, tailored made for the closed devices that they are. Because of that, they are not going to be as pricey as shelf PC parts. They held plenty back and the average consumer will benefit from it. These aren't devices running multiple 2080Ti's with 32GB+ of D4 RAM and 12-18 core procs. That would be a very high-end machine, before we even look at Ampere.

What you just described is what I'd think of as two very high-end machines duct-taped together, but I see what you're saying. I may have exaggerated with my my original statement, but I think my point still stands. These consoles are pushing significantly better performance-per-dollar than last-gen when compared to PC, no? The XBSX has something like a 2080 inside? And the CPU's are somewhere in the 3700(X?) range? I mean, that's some good hardware!

Eh, nah, the hardware isn't all that crazy. It's strong for a console, but you keep trying to equate these things with equivalent PC hardware. These consoles will push $499 at most.