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Trunkin said:
Captain_Yuri said:

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Yes, but can we really expect a improvement with the next generation of hardware? Last gen a mid-range PC would outclass consoles -- especially in the CPU department, but now Xbox and Playstation are the equivalent of very high-end PCs on basically every level. I shudder what this will mean for system requirements across the board. Most of the components in my current PC are 7+ years old. I've been planning an upgrade for a while, but now that I know an NVME SSD is a necessity I'm looking at a total of around $650 to upgrade most of my components -- that's with an RX 3600 CPU, which might not even meet the minimum requirements for next-gen games, and no GPU. Even if the new consoles launch at $600, PC parts would need something like a 50% drop in price to compete with that sort of value. I know mass-production counts for a lot, but I just don't see how Sony/M$ aren't gonna be taking losses on these systems. They really held nothing back, it's seriously impressive.

I love PC gaming, but judging from the way things are going I'm debating just giving up on it. I haven't even bought a processor yet, and I'm already looking at having to replace it within 2 years time. I'm not even thinking about upgrading my rx480 either because I can't afford it. The only thing that gives me a little bit of hope is that I'll be gaming at 1080-1440p while the consoles are pushing 4k.

They aren't the equivalent of very high-end (basically enthusiast) PCs, though. Sure, the SSDs are top of the line, but the neither CPU (speed nor core count) nor GPU (cores/speed) are top of those classes and that can't be left out. What they are is efficiently built starter high-end machines, but the parts are custom, tailored made for the closed devices that they are. Because of that, they are not going to be as pricey as shelf PC parts. They held plenty back and the average consumer will benefit from it. These aren't devices running multiple 2080Ti's with 32GB+ of D4 RAM and 12-18 core procs. That would be a very high-end machine, before we even look at Ampere.

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