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CGI-Quality said:
padib said:

I asked you a question about the topic, why are you deflecting. You clearly haven't read my posts since I've already explained my point of view, very clearly, with sources to back my point.

I don't want to waste my time repeating myself. If we're going to debate, at least read what I wrote already, please.

read what you wrote, Padib. Don't try that dismal BS with me. 

I asked you a question. Either answer it or don't bother quoting people in the condescending ways that you have. Multiple times. In a nutshell, what the hell is this myth you speak of? Why is it a myth? Based on what fact(s)? What makes the system's SSDs level? Why are the pros wrong? How are you right? From you, not some source from someone else. Why should we listen to you over the professionals (excluding Cerny, Spencer, or any other suit)?

Don't avoid it again and get down to the meat of that. 

Edit: Just seeing your edits. Padib, if I wanted to intimidate you, I would have done something much bigger. Don't flatter yourself. Either answer the question or don't quote me again. It's very simple — compare/contrast the facts. Why is one not better than the other (remember, we're talking SSDs here). I thought you'd actually prepare something, but instead, have continued to avoid providing what was asked. Fair enough if you don't know this like you're portraying, but then say that and be done with it (or say nothing and let people feel how they want).

You want my feedback? It is simple. The PS5's solid state drive is like no other on the market. In addition to the 5.5Gb/s, it's efficiency and streamlining also works differently than that of the XSX's.  It's not hard to believe that there will be a difference and this feature will help the PS5 pick up some of the slack in other areas.

I don't understand you. You've read what I wrote, yet I've already had to quote an article I've already posted, and you've asked me a question I've already answered about why I disagree with the idea that the SSD in the PS5 makes any difference. You've also deflected a question, yelled at me with a GIF?, made some ad-hominems about me ("hit and run"), you quoted me, then ask me not to quote you. Why are you writing to me exactly?

Believe what you want man, fine the SSD is a big deal. Is that what I'm supposed to say here?