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padib said:
Hynad said:
Armchair hardware specialists talking out of their asses: the thread.

I couldn't care less about hardware capabilities of consoles. I always believed in the power of software.

All I want is to dispel myth, and I really only need an armchair to do it. And my ass loves the comfort.

Wanna join the losing spec war, or would you prefer just accept the obvious, that the XsX is more capable, and that in the end a handful of exclusive games will make use of it, that some folks will choose to buy the XsX for that, but that in the end, it's the library that matters?

It's the right position to take, because it is just right: it's correct.

That myth is? And I want an actual response, not these hit and run replies you've been feeding everyone else.

I have a career in this stuff, so I hope you make it interesting. I've read all of your replies in here and still haven't been given any indisputable reason why the NVMe in the PS5, that is the fastest in any consumer electronic to date, isn't a big deal in any sort of functional way (yes, that is what you're saying).

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