Here my super early prediction

Biden wins by
Winning every state Clinton won in 2016 and flipping 3 states that trump won.

1. Michigan (in 2016 trump won it only by 0.23 of a percent)
2. Pennsylvania (in 2016 trump won it only by 0.28 of a percent)
3. Wisconsin (in 2016 trump won it only by 0.23 of a percent)

Final results 273-258 with Biden becoming president.

Biden will also win the popular vote but I can see the margin being less then what Clinton won by because I can see Biden doing worse in some of the deep blue states but not enough to flip any of those states Clinton won. I mainly thinking Biden could drop compare to Clinton in California which could be well more then the few votes he need to pick to win those 3 states. For example Clinton won California by more then 4 million votes. He could loose a Million votes in California and pick up only 50k in the 3 states I said he would flip combined and still win the election.