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SpokenTruth said:
TalonMan said:

Ok - well, I can definitely replicate it. Unfortunately, it's something fairly deep (I believe) in the javascript that's causing a conflict, and it's gonna take some time to sort out.   

I'm sure I'll figue it out eventually, but I don't see this as a priority right now. Obviously, the mention capability itself still works for you in FF - you just have to type the names yourself (which I know, sucks!). In the meantime, I know what's happening and where - just not "why"...

Definitely no rush on this.

I've also tried to manually do it but that didn't seem to work either.  I'll test it again now.  EDIT: Sweet.  It worked. 


Yeah, manually writing it out works - unfortunately, you are forced to know the EXACT spelling of the username without that lookup...   

...for what it's worth - the drop-down still works in Chrome, so this is a FireFox issue at the moment.