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SpokenTruth said:
TalonMan said:

Hmmm... does seem to work in Chrome, but FF isn't. Have you been using FF all along? Did they recently do an update?

It worked in FF back when mentions were first implemented.  The last major version release was 2 weeks ago.  I can't tell if it was functioning prior to that or not.

Ok - well, I can definitely replicate it. Unfortunately, it's something fairly deep (I believe) in the javascript that's causing a conflict, and it's gonna take some time to sort out.   

I'm sure I'll figue it out eventually, but I don't see this as a priority right now. Obviously, the mention capability itself still works for you in FF - you just have to type the names yourself (which I know, sucks!). In the meantime, I know what's happening and where - just not "why"...