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Ryuu96 said:
Bandorr said:

FireFox.  Had to crop it to get the size. But you can see the top, size, "black", and trends.

Ok, thanks, looks like it's an issue with Chrome only.

My Chrome works as well. Same with Microsoft Edge(which I've never logged onto vgchartz using).  And IE. No issues.

So maybe it is an account thing some how?

Or maybe I don't know what "dark mode" is. I would think it a setting, but it is automatically "dark" in any browser I pull it up on.

What's suppose to be dark - the back ground edges, or the "white" part of the website? Like in my picture I have black on white. Is that suppose to be white on black?

EDIT: yeah no. I have "Standard" yet. I'm not using dark mode. I was confused since I think the black around the edges is dark mode. Didn't think about the fact that dark mode would be white on black, on black on white. Ignore my posts.

Last edited by Bandorr - on 23 March 2020

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