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jlauro said:
Bandorr said:

That leaves me two questions.

1) Is there any way to fix that.

2) Can I close VGchartz in firefox (but leave firefox open) and just open vgchartz in chrome to fix this?

It should be fixed now, at least for anyone who logs in.

Firefox is being impolite, but not causing real problems as it's mainly wasting idle connections.  The caps were put in place because of some bots and other things doing denial of service attacks or speed crawling the site and other bad behavior.  That type of bad behavior tend to never login....

Yes, if you close VGchartz in firefox (but leave firefox open) it probably wouldn't trigger.  You might have to wait for firefox to release it's connections which can take awhile after closing a tab.  (You can check with netstat).  I probably place a higher limit for authenticated connections later.

Thank you so much for this fix!
It was so annoying that the site died for me every few minutes. I use a lot of tabs and hit that cap probably very quickly.