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Don't mean to cut into S.Peelman's issue but the New Post reminded me to provide the update I said I'd provide earlier.

I've been off and on at home since the DDoS protection settings have been changed. Multi-thread tabbing, Post-liking, issues.

I can be considered a heavy instance user. I may middle-click-open several threads and like notifications from the VGC Buddy in a very brief moment (up to 40 in just a few seconds). Since the edits, I have not had a single thread, new post, edit or Like time out. Everything has function as it expected. Whatever changes Jlauro made to the firewall DDoS settings seems to have fixed the issue on my end. Fantastic job isolating the issue and applying the solution.

Now, back to S.Peelman's issue. And the problem you are experiencing is the CSS isn't loading. Odd that it only affects one skin though..

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