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Yeah, I have some Jrpgs I really want to return.
Suikoden, Chrono, Breath of Fire, Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts come to mind.

I first got acquainted with Breath of Fire through my friend playing BoF 2 on SNES. It looked very interesting, but the random encounter rate seemed extremely hight...

Later I played Breath of Fire 3 on my friend's PS1, and Breath of Fire 4 on my PS2 via backwards compatibility.
Really enjoyed both of them. Especially 3 due to the characters. Rei in particular with his quirky comments, and Weretiger form.
Kaiser form in BoF 4 was fun as well.

Breath of Fire 5 was a very unique and interesting game, I'll say that.
Haven't really played anything like it since.

There was this "Dragon Counter" in the top right corner constantly.

It would increase slowly over the courser of the game. And some actions would increase it drastically. One being a power/transformation you could use in battle, which made Ryu insanely powerful. You could double, triple, quadruple, etc your power in battle which increased a certain amount of %.
I increased my power like tenfold one time, and one shotted one of the final bosses.

But that all comes at a cost. There is no way to lower the % number. It only goes up.
Once it reaches 100%, you die. You can re load your save file, but if you can't avoid reaching 100%, that's game over. Completely. You'll have to start all over from the very beginning of the game.

So they essentially give you near limitless power at your disposal from the start of the game. But you have to calculative or cautious with how you use it. For most bosses, I never made use of that power at all.

Another interesting system was a rank assigned to all the people in that world. Certain doors would be locked behind a certain rank. Once you beat the game, you'll be assigned a new rank, and can go through New Game + with that rank, giving you access to new areas which would prompt new cutscene and events, explaining more of the characters backstories.

I'm not expecting Capcom to revive this series any time soon sadly. I hope I'm wrong though.
But until then I guess the SFV Breath of Fire costumes is the closet we'll get.

Last edited by Hiku - on 19 March 2020