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Cerebralbore101 said:
PC has had access to SSD for something like 10 years. I'm sure a lot of PC games are already capable of taking advantage of you having an M.2 drive. But this high speed SSD being in PS5 will pretty much standardize taking advantage of faster SSD for all games on PS5 and PC. So it should be exciting times.

I'm kind of afraid of the HD trying to make up for limited RAM like it did last gen. That tends to make consoles age poorly. If RAM requirements of PC games balloon into 32 GB, the shared VRAM and RAM of PS5 will not be enough. Series X would be even worse off. Then they'd leverage the SSD speed in PS5. But overall that would make both Series X and PS5 age terribly. Unlikely scenario, but just a thought.

PC could have done this with SSD's (to a lower degree) looong ago. But they didn't. And still generally don't. (Star Citizen being the first that does iirc.)
It's not because even the older SSD's weren't fast enough to improve level design and the fidelity of the game. It's because not every PC (or console if they were multiplatform games) could be expected to have an SSD.

If developers make use of an SSD this way, it completely changes how they design many aspects of the game. This is not somethign they can just 'scale' for HDD users. They'd essentially have to create two different games, increasing their workload tremendously. It's just not wroth it.

PS5 and XBO standardizing SSD for console gaming can change this. PS5 in an extreme manner. But even developing games around the lowest common denominator SSD would see a huge improvement. Though such games would then require an SSD of certain speed to be playable on PC.

sales2099 said:
Ok so it handles texture pop in, or in this case near eliminates it. On top of loading times. Good to know, but most gamers will be comparing resolution and FPS like always.

When comparing multiplatform games? Yes.
They won't be able to take full advantage of the fastest SSD in multi-platform games though, because the games have to work properly on other systems, and this isn't something you can generally scale down for a slower SSD. If you build a stage with a certain amount of objects becoming visible when you turn around on PS5 to the point where it pushes the limits of the SSD, then on another system they may have to build a wall there instead to block your view, etc. That's too much work if you have to do it constantly.

But what they can 'scale' is the resolution. They can have bigger sized textures load up in time on PS5's SSD.
The former Naughty Dog developer mentioned that.

What will mainly be interesting to see though are first party PS5 games trying to utilize this fully.

Last edited by Hiku - on 19 March 2020