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sales2099 said:
I really hope the SSD isn’t clung to as tightly as the CELL was. PS5 is focused more on utility where as Series X is raw power. Both should end up being pretty similar in performance and game design. The multiplats will be the true comparisons.

Actually, both are dealing with raw power, the Series X just has more of it. I expect the games to be a lot closer than people think, because the leverage the PS5's SSD will provide isn't be taken serious enough. The hardware in it is more exotic (yes, Sony has somewhat returned to this), but it's still in tune with what developers requested. I prefer it, because as the underdog, they'll put that much more into their exclusives, which on consoles, I expect to dominate visually.

Also, with SSD vs Cell — two completely different things (the analogy doesn't work). If nothing else, 'teh Cell' is more like those lovely teraflops that many of you like to tout, but it was only ever taken full advantage of by in-house developers (and you will never truly know what that teraflop number means in regards to your games). This will not be that, as the PS5 is still built far more conventionally (certainly more than the complete exotic anatomy of the PS3).

So, as I always advise, look at the real meat of both systems. There's less than a 20% difference in raw power and plenty of raw power to satisfy the needs of both platforms.