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This isn't just a matter of reducing load times.  Designing games around an SSD can actually make fundamental changes in level design.  Most games today aren't just loading once.  They are constantly streaming in huge amounts of assets. 

Mark Cerny used the example of Jak II on the PS2.  Jak II had to use tricks to hide load times, but it also used tricks to manage streaming in the world.  

The pathways in the world were made so that the game could stream in the next area's assets.  

Current gen games are doing a lot more of this utilizing the hard drive.  But we are still working with the same kind of limitations. 

Current games have to utilize tricks like lowering quality of textures, making less dense worlds, etc.  

A small read by a former Naughty Dog dev:

Last edited by the-pi-guy - on 19 March 2020