Specs? Simple. The average gamer needs to forget the teraflop talk. They just do. There's no sense in saying "my 12TF console smashes your 10.3TF console". Here's the point — that is meaningless. As a tech guy with a PC that eats them both for breakfast, I'm excited for both devices, particularly the PS5 as it is doing some things a little differently than even I expected it to. Plus, I expect Sony to push it more than Microsoft pushes the Series X, but the inner workings of both machines are still very comparable and use a series of modern techniques to get things done.

Besides, even though the technical jargon is wonderful to discuss, the games are what will do the real talking. In that regard, I don't expect major differences with multiplats, but there will be HUGE leaps (yes, mark that) with the exclusives.

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