Trumpstyle said:

Landed pretty much exactly where I thought, it was 52CU's and not 56CU's as some thought because of github leak, and 360mm2 die and not 400mm2 as a lot of people said after Phil spencer chip picture release. I think it will be 360mm2 tsmc EUV. The asian leaker said 350mm2 for XsX (300mm2 for PS5).

What interesting is the SSD, it's 2.4GB/S speed but 5GB/s speed with some technique, I wonder if PS5 has something similiar 3GB/s and 7GB/s+ with this technique.

Didn't DF say it was 56CU. 4 are turned off due to potential in performance differences between similar hardware or something. I forgot the exact terminology.

Maybe I'm wrong.