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Shadow1980 said:
Ryng said:

All in market console platforms declined when compared to a year ago.

So even the Switch is down again. Could it be a demand issue, a supply issue (because of the virus), or a bit of both? In either case, while it's still early in the year, two consecutive months of YoY declines don't bode well for continued growth for the Switch. Unless there's some massive system-seller announced for this year or a major price cut, then 2020 as a whole could end up down, and 2019 could have been the Switch's peak year in the U.S. And for those who were very bullish on the Switch, this is not the kind of sales behavior we need to be seeing out of it if it's going to have a chance of passing the Wii, much less the DS. Given what we've seen from literally every other Nintendo system ever, if the Switch is down for several consecutive quarters, that will essentially have confirmed post-peak status.

There is a massive system seller already coming in march.

Also Switch is down partly because of the Smash Ultimate spillover.

Nothing of importance released last December. Brain Age did not get a release in the US.

But Animal Crossing will turn things around. Watch Swich be up the next 6 months easily.