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Jaicee said:

My faves grrl/womanz in games have been Samus (for sure!), Ellie, Chell, and literally all of the girls in Butterfly Soup. Also, Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Also also, good call bringing up Metal Slug womyn! The likes of Flo and Eri are too often forgotten.

I know. Fio and Eri are trained soldiers, have been through space, AND killed hundreds of enemy soldiers, terrorists, zombies, mutant creatures and aliens alike.

Hiku said:

Jessie (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Sayama Kaoru (Yakuza 2)

*sees what she did to that guy's head* DAYUM!!

Landale_Star said:

I think I could list plenty, but instead of focusing on the characters, I'll give mention to some of the women who had a major impact on videogames. There are far too many, but these are some that come to my mind. Some of my favourite games throughout the years owe much to these real videogame heroines.

Yoko Shimomura has had a long career composing music for countless games including the iconic Street Fighter 2 themes, Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts, among many others. Truly one of the greatest videogame composers.

Reiko Kodama has a long career at Sega, doing art for many of their early games such as Alex Kid, Sonic and Phantasy Star. Eventually she moved up to direct Phantasy Star 4 and lead development on titles such as Skies of Arcadia, 7th Dragon and the Sega Ages range on Switch. In the early days of her career, most devs still didn't use their real names so she went by the name Phoenix Rie (with variations on spelling) in game credits.

Kazuko Shibuya started early at Square and was responsible for art in games such as Final Fantasy, Mana and SaGa. She is responsible for much of the iconic sprite work throughout Square's history as well as other design. Arguably of similar importance to the early art as Yoshitaka Amano. Although I can't confirm it, there is a chance she was responsible for introducing Nasir Gebelli (the programmer for FF1,2,3 and Secret of Mana) and the legendary Nobuo Uematsu to Square. It was probably either her or Hiromi Nakada, as far as I know the only other woman at that time working at the computer cafe turned game developer. Hiromi Nakada also appeared in the secret developer room in FF4 as both an NPC and special monster, based on the lamia enemy design.

Michiko Naruke has worked on plenty of games but is best known for providing the memorable music in the Wild Arms series. Like Yoko Shimomura, she has also contributed to Smash Bros. While Wild Arms is fairly niche, her compositions are outstanding and beloved by fans. 

Not very famous, but Carol Shaw made my favourite Atari 2600 game, River Raid, when Activision split from Atari. One of the earliest female programmers in video games and possibly the first to get recognition. Back then game developers weren't given credit and either just weren't mentioned at all, or used pseudonyms. However, one of Activision's main goals was to give recognition to developers and included credit on the box and in the manual, along with a short bio and picture, like the one above.

There really are too many to mention so I'll just list a few more. Much of Castlevania's music is owed to Michiru Yamane, Kinuyo Yamashita and the art to Ayami Kojima. Tomb Raider's early games had level design by Heather Gibson and you can't mention classic PC graphic adventures without Roberta Williams.

I wasn't thinking of them, but now that you mention it there should have been an article about them on the front page.

JRPGfan said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Thought of this since today is International Women's Day.

Women, for those who don't know, can kick as much ass as any men, but who among them kicks the most ass?

Well, let's start off with the most likely candidates.

Samus Aran (Metroid franchise):

Joana Dark (Perfect Dark):

Bayonetta (Bayonetta franchise):

Chun-Li (Street Fighter franchise):

Rouge the Bat and Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise)

Fio and Eri (Metal Slug franchise):


Orchid (Killer Instinct franchise):

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider franchise):

So who do you think are the most badass women and girls in gaming? :)

I feel like most of those are bad exsamples? or is it just me?

It IS just you.

kirby007 said:
JRPGfan said:

comes down to how you judge the character design, and beliveability of background story, and how the character acts I guess.

Sometimes its clear, they had the character was designed, they went, we want her to be sexy.... and a badass.
Like its some checkbox situation, where they just check down a list and then fill in the character from that.

Then you have a character thats wearing like a bikini in a middleage set war era, where everyone else is wearing plate mail armors ect.
Theres no justification for her being powerfull or acting like a badass ect.

I prefer them to put some thought into the character design and story/backgrounds.

No its simple you dont like the women from not sony games


curl-6 said:

Senua from Hellblade.

She's a badass in that she faces incredible hardship, trauma, and adversity, yet pushes through the hurt and fights her inner demons with every fiber of her being. I don't think I've ever encountered another video game character who felt as much like a real person; an imperfect, damaged, truly courageous person.

I can't believe I forgot her! -_-

The Fury said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Off the top of my head, my favorite women in video games tend to be Final Fantasy characters:

Celes (FF6)
Aerith (FF7)
Yuffie (FF7)
Riku (FF10)

I mean again, how are we limiting ourselves? OP doesn't mention villains.

Edea and Ultimecia both are extremely strong willed very driven (if not completely paranoid in the latters case) women in very differing ways.

I mentioned Rouge, who at least used to work for Dr. Robotnik, and worked with Shadow the Hedgehog when he was still a villain.