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Vote Changing

Do not edit your votes! If you want to change a prediction then you must quote your original prediction.

You're allowed to change your vote for a title until around a day before reviews arrive, I will state when I'm closing taking predictions per title.

Join Date

As soon as possible would be preferable although you can join anytime you want to.

Review Scores

This year we will be using OpenCritic instead of MetaCritic for a number of reasons, firstly because VGChartz is on OpenCritic, secondly because of Xbox's recent focus on both Xbox & PC, OpenCritic combines both platforms for one total score and lastly simply because I prefer OpenCritic.

New Games

Any new XGS titles being announced and releasing in 2020 will be added to the table as soon as possible.

Eligible titles include anything from an XGS, that includes XGP.

Final Score

Final score is taken 2 weeks after release date.


-1 Point, You're off by 10 Points or More
1 Point, You're off by 4
2 Points, You're off by 3
3 Points, You're off by 2
4 Points, You're off by 1
5 Points, You're Right on the Meta
+1 Extra Point, You're the Only Correct Predictor

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 22 November 2020