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Bristow9091 said:
Bristow9091 said:

Nioh - I was in the beta for this, and not only did it kick my arse, it raped my unconscious body as it lay in a pool of its own blood, sweat and tears... tears from anger and frustration with how hard the game was for me to the point that I never even made it to the first real boss in the beta! ...then I ask why I decided to BUY it. Why? Because I did find chopping off limbs and shit to be really satisfying and I was craving a Samurai game. Shame I still have it in the wrapper, never opened. But until I do open and play it, I'll only have the memories of the beta to go off, lol.

... And that's my entire history and experience, rated from best to worst. Obviously the list could change if I decide to give Nioh a proper go, since people will probably hate me for having it below The Surge and Code Vein, but meh, it is what it is.

I'm bumping this thread to sort of rewrite my section on Nioh... 

Okay so I've put about 30 hours into the game now, on the third island (I know, I'm playing slow as fuck), have myself kitted out with purple Iga gear, the full set actually since the bonuses are nice, I'm running a Dex Ninjutsu build (Although wanting to get my Spirit up to switch Kato out for Aya-Komori) with the kusarigama, and... I'm actually having "fun" with the game now and can appreciate it more. I've had to put fun in quotation marks because it's not your typical fun, it's more... stressful fun, some enemies definitely feel OP as fuck (Yokai with the big tongue I'm looking at you), and the first time I fought Umi-bozu (The big black blob) he literally hyper beamed me into oblivion before I could take a step! Next time I started the fight I instantly dashed to the side... and he didn't even fucking use it!

So yeah... despite its difficulty, now that I've been playing it and gotten used to it with the stances and combos and stuff, I'd definitely put it ahead of what I played of The Surge and Code Vein, although I did only play their demos too, so it could move AGAIN if I ever get around to playing them properly, lol.


Right so here's the deal... I finally finished Nioh a few days ago. Finished at Lv. 122, kept with my Dex Ninjutsu build, switched to Aya-komori once I got it, and became an OP bastard with my Kunai and Shuriken, decent Kusarigama damage too, and started dabbling with Onmyo which definitely helped out.

Overall thoughts?

I've now got Nioh 2 preordered and will be playing the last chance demo on Friday. As it turns out, I LOVED Nioh, so much so that I'm actually super close to getting the platinum trophy, and once I'm done with my current game I'll be going back to clean up and pick it up. Hoping the season pass will go on sale once the second game comes out since I'd love to play even more, especially after the ending! The gameplay is just so satisfying and I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to the Souls games after playing this, it's faster paced, is so much more fluid, has more satisfying combat with stances and combos, and I just had a bigger sense of accomplishment when I finished levels and the game than I ever did with any of the previous games.

As of right now I'm bumping it to #2 on my list, only because Demon's Souls is probably my proudest platinum trophy as I did everything legit and spent so much time with it, and as mentioned I'd happily do it all again if it ever does get the remaster/remake treatment... that's if I can get back into the slower, more defensive, combat style, lol... probably not, but still;

I now love Nioh!